L’Éléphant Eye for Design – Teresa Lima Saraiva

Discover the choises of design pieces and works of architecture from each member of the L’Éléphant team.

Teresa Lima Saraiva Architect


I always wanted to do architecture. Since I was a little girl. I confess that I do not remember well who showed me the Casa da Cascata for the first time. But it remained with and suddenly, for a time, and for me, architecture was Frank Lloyd Whright.

I think my passion was the possibility of being able to find myself in a place of total avoidance, in which the contemplation of nature from a space and furniture as connected to a mechanical pencil, as possible, would make me design endless houses. Which, by the way, was all I wanted.

Christopher Little

TEAPOT, MARIANNE BRANDT, 1924 (and its parts, in general …)

I really like this piece and its photography. They are created in the context of the Bauhaus. It is a purified object, created from elementary geometric shapes, with a balanced result of harmony and delicacy, which is what I feel like when I drink tea. The author was a very creative woman who left her mark on a historic movement for creativity in Art and Design.

Photography comes to be part of the work because it captures the best of the object, from the point of view and light work. It is doubly interesting and, ultimately, it related with what we do. Olhar para uma realidade e tirar o máximo partido, conjugando tudo o que conseguirmos, pouco ou muito, até conseguirmos sentir beleza.

Lucia Moholy


O L’ÉLÉPHANT é um estúdio de design e arquitetura de interiores que trabalha a vivência diária moderna através da criação de espaços singulares que celebram a identidade de quem os habita.


R. Ivens 38,
1200-227 Lisboa