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L’Éléphant Eye for Design – Joana Correia

Discover the choises of design pieces and works of architecture from each member of the L’Éléphant team.

Joana CorreiaArchitect & Partner


It is practically impossible to choose a favorite piece of architecture or design piece… However, there is one that led me to get closer to the universe of interiors, and that helped me to realize that architecture can ‘scream’ or ‘be silent’. Silence in architecture can be quite impressive. The ability of the architect to remove what is in excess from space, and to highlight a natural pre-existence is what happens at Farnsworth House, as in general in the architecture of Mies Van Der Rohe.

In addition to this intention of its architecture, there is also a connection to the design and the parts that inhabit it. Mies Van Der Rohe designed numerous pieces of furniture that are consistent with their architecture, and that complement it.

©Rich Stapleton
©Rich Stapleton


O L’ÉLÉPHANT é um estúdio de design e arquitetura de interiores que trabalha a vivência diária moderna através da criação de espaços singulares que celebram a identidade de quem os habita.


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