/  2021

Ikat is a weaving technique practiced in India, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and some countries in South America. Each region has its specificities, whether in the types of pattern, styles and colors, and there are several types of ikat, resulting from different production techniques, such as Endek, from Indonesia, or Oshima, from Japan. Ikat is a Malay-Indonesian word that is given different meanings, depending on the context - it can be the nouns "string", "knot", or verbs "to tie" or "to sew". Among antiques, contemporary art and crafts, we found the founders of l’Éléphant.

L'Éléphant arrived at Rua Ivens, in Chiado, in early june. 200 square meters are spread over two floors full of incredible pieces. There is a new architecture and interior studio in Chiado, Lisbon, with options for furniture, lighting, fabrics and carpets completely customizable, from the upholstery of the sofas to the type of wood and finishes of the sideboards.

A space with the characteristics of a modern house, without losing its base of classical architecture. When we enter a space designed by L’Éléphant (formerly Cubiculum) we know that nothing was left to chance. An intervention that involved everything from architecture to the decoration, Álvaro Roquette and Joana Correia dressed the existing memories of this house in a contemporary style.


O L’ÉLÉPHANT é um estúdio de design e arquitetura de interiores que trabalha a vivência diária moderna através da criação de espaços singulares que celebram a identidade de quem os habita.


R. Ivens 38,
1200-227 Lisboa